Sunday, February 21, 2010

Document Aesthetics

We've spoken a bit this semester about the harmony that must exist in a technical document between the content of the text and the design of the text. What are some of the principal features that an effective piece of technical communication should have in terms of document design? Think of some of the pieces of technical communication we've examined so far this term (that your book has also discussed): corporate ethics policies, resumes, instructions manuals, memoranda, etc. What kinds of choices does the technical communicator need to make in terms of document design?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Corporate Ethics Policies

Last week, we discussed corporate ethics policies. Your book outlined the features of an effective corporate ethics policy. We analyzed Google's ethics policy, located on their "investor relations" page, and we examined whether it protected members of the public even while it represented and detailed the corporate ethos. Please take a look at what our friend Wikipedia has to say about "business ethics." Scroll down to the section "corporate ethics policies":

Of the information included in the Wikipedia entry, what corresponds to your book's information and what does not? Given what the Wikipedia entry says, think about the Google policy again. What are your comments on it? In your post, reply to both of my questions here.