Monday, March 1, 2010

Estela, Lee, and Josh

1. Water quality is determined by factors.

Many factors determine water quality.

2. Suspended and dissolved substances are contained in all natural waters.

Natural waters contain suspended and dissolved substances.

Passive Voice Examples

Passive Voice Summary

In a passive voice sentence, the action is preformed on the sentence. In an active voice sentence, the sentence subject performs the action.



    “Passive Voice” was published as an article by the OWL. Several examples of passive voice and how to change the sentence into active voice are described in the article. One must find the agent, in the “by what…” phrase, or the question asked, “By whom…”, to find who or what is performing the action that the verb is describing to find an instance of passive voice. Changing the subject of the sentence and changing the verb tense can correct passive voice.